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Virtual Reality (VR) is an interactive experience in a simulated environment. With special headsets, VR offers a multi-sensory experience, allowing users to interact within a 3D world that can mirror real life very accurately. Spatial audio further enhances this immersion, making sounds appear as if they come from specific points in space. At

Easysee, we harness VR's capabilities, delivering captivating applications to businesses all around the world.

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Category image Augmented reality

Augmented Reality (AR) merges digital content with the real world. Using devices such as smartphones, AR glasses, or tablets, users witness holograms and digital overlays interacting with their actual surroundings. Spatial audio in AR provides an extra dimension, making digital elements feel even more real.

Easysee has a lot of experience building AR applications.

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Category image Serious Gaming

Serious Gaming uses game design to achieve things other than just entertainment. These games aim to educate, train, or raise awareness on pivotal topics. Reality is often simulated as closely to reality as possible. Dangerous and hard-to-test scenarios can be tested in a safe and simple manner. The user can make mistakes without any unpleasant real-life consequences.

Easysee ventures into this dynamic space, designing applications that both entertain and teach.

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Who are we

What we do

Easysee has been consistently dedicated to advancing Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technologies since it was founded in 2016. Upheld by our slogan "The future is today," we're driven to make it clear that AR and VR are not out-of-reach technologies. We do this by showing the affordability and applicability of using VR and AR.

Beyond the virtual realms, we also excel in crafting innovative mobile and pc applications and games. Our young team of specialists is educated in computer science, game development, and game design. We craft custom applications for very diverse client needs.

Our commitment to innovation was celebrated in 2017 when we received the Dutch VR Award's silver innovation prize for our development in wireless VR that transcended the limitations of Outside-In tracking.

From popular VR headsets like HTC Vive and Oculus Rift to others like the Oculus Quest series and Pico headsets, we've showcased adaptability and versatility in our projects.

We are excited to continue growing and learning as this industry keeps advancing.

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Our work process consists of a number of steps. During each step, communication is paramount. There is always room for questions, comments, and feedback.

1. Research and Understanding
We start by diving deep into your project. This helps us understand all the details and gives us a clear idea of its size and goals. We would love to discuss all the details of the project by means of a (digital) call or meetup.

2. Tailored Proposal
Once we know everything, we create a clear plan showing all the steps to make your project happen. We also give you a fixed price and how long we think it will take to complete the project. If needed, we can chat more on Zoom.

3. Project Development
With our plan ready, our team begins building. We will make a personal Trello page for you and this project. This lets you see how we're doing and share your thoughts along the way. Developers will update you with extensive messages, screenshots, and videos of the application as it progresses.

4. Review and Feedback
When we finish, you get the project and, if we've agreed on that, the source code too. We're always open to hearing your feedback. We'll keep working until everything fits within what we first set out to do.

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