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NRG VR radiation simulation

Easysee and Emagine B.V were commissioned by NRG to develop a simulation training to train students in Virtual Reality t

VR Interactive setup with Belimo

In cooperation with Emagine, we have accepted a project where we simulate the role of an engineer in a beautiful buildin

Ragdoll office VR (Quest and steamVR)

This time we had to make a rather unconventional app. We call it "Ragdoll Office". We have gotten a project to create a

VR space escape room

We have made an escape room where you have to escape from floating islands in space. Gravity plays a big part in this ga

ICT motherboard puzzle in AR

We have made a demo for new ICT students where they have to put a motherboard together. The student has to put cards on

CoolingEngineer in VR with the Oculus GO

We have created an application with Emagine (https://www.e-magine.nl/) for the oculus go where you can see how a cooling

LAB 32 Architectural building in AR

We have used this building in VR before and we exported this to AR with ARCore functionalities. We have used ARCore a lo

The Virtual Domotics Care house is ready for use!

Many new cases have been added since the last video. The care home vibe has been transformed into a street with a uniqu

Wheelchair simulation

We have created a Wheelchair project in VR with cooperation from Emagine. The scene contains a simulated wheelchair, wi

Guest lectures at secondary vocational educations

In addition to workshops and courses we also give guest lectures at secondary vocational educations. In this masterclass

Domotics care house

For a while we’ve been in contact with Aventus, a school in the Stedendriehoek region. With a choice of over 230 cours

Interior architecture in VR

In 2018 we came in contact with a student, Jessica, from the Jan des Bouvrie academy. She does the interior design & sty

Course material for secondary vocational educations

This school year we are busy with a bunch of exciting developments. We are increasingly involved with schools and their

Domotics demo

Last friday we gave a Virtual Reality presentation. This was about the domotics care house for the healthcare study at R

Stork: the theater construction has started

The construction for the theatre spectacle “Stork 150 Years” has officially started. Not yet convinced about the ben

ROC van Twente

ROC van Twente, The Gieterij, will introduce Virtual, Augmented and mixed Reality lessons to the students this coming ye

Stork update

We have created the whole outdoor terrain, including the decor, in Virtual Reality for the theatre project by Stork 150

Stork 150 years

We have created the whole outdoor terrain, including the decor, in Virtual Reality for the theatre project by Stork 150

Exposition Aventus

Fourteen graduates from the study ‘Interior advisor’ at Aventus Zutphen have presented their exam projects during an

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