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Spray and Learn: VR Tech for Metal Pickling Liquid Sprayer

Spray and Learn: VR Tech for Metal Pickling Liquid Sprayer

Easysee recently had the pleasure of working on an engaging project for a client specializing in metal pickling liquid sprayers. Our mission was to create a VR environment for a tech convention where visitors could practice using the sprayer, learn proper techniques, and understand the typical spraying environment.

Project Highlights:

- 3D Model Optimization: We enhanced and optimized the client's existing 3D models for a more stable VR experience.
- Custom Shader Development: A tailor-made shader was created to visually represent liquid coverage on the sprayed object, showing how effectively the pickling liquid was applied.
- Comprehensive Statistics Tracking: The VR experience recorded various metrics such as spray time, coverage percentage, average sprayer distance, average sprayer speed, lost liquid volume, and directional efficiency of spraying. These statistics update in real-time during spraying!
- Interactive Scoring System: Participants received a total score based on their performance, with the option to save their score under their name, fostering a competitive spirit at the convention.
- Rewarding Experience: The highest-scoring participants were eligible for prizes, adding an extra layer of excitement to the event.

This project showcases Easysee's ability to blend technology and practicality, creating an interactive and educational VR experience for our client’s product demonstration. Are you looking to excite potential clients with an engaging VR experience of your product or service? Feel free to reach out!

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