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Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

In this privacy policy you will read everything about the ways we collect your personal information and how we treat this information. Besides that you will find here your rights regarding your personal information and how you can use those rights. The privacy policy is prone to change in the future because of legislative changes.

At this moment you are reading the privacy policy from Easysee. We are a company, located in Hengelo (ov), Granaatstraat 78, 7554 TR The Netherlands. Kvk 62124579 and you can reach us by phone, +31 6 14 06 60 63, or email

Easysee is a Virtual and Augmented Reality company with a team of developers and designers. We are a young growing company with Ton van Netten as its founder. For a great working site, and to guarantee your satisfaction as customer, it is necessary for us to have some personal information of the people who visit our site.

The information that we receive from you are necessary for our administration, and for good communication, which leads to a good result. When you leave your personal information at our site, we respect your privacy and we will make sure that your information does not spread unnecessary. This information is general information such as name/address/location, phone number, bank details, email. These information will be used for things such as communication and invoicing. The date will not be longer saved than legally necessary. Personal information is allowed be stored for a maximum of 7 years.

You have the right to view your personal data. You have the right to withdraw your consent or object against the processing of your data. Besides, it is always possible to file a complaint at the national supervisor for The Netherlands.

Easysee takes the protection of your personal information very serious, which we express with passwords and when necessary deleting correspondence.

It is very important to us that your data is safe with us and we do our best for that. For questions you can always contact us :