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Welcome Aboard, Luke! 🚀

Welcome Aboard, Luke! 🚀 Easysee's Team Just Got Bigger Hey everyone! :D Big news from Easysee – w

Season's Greetings and Happy 2024 from Easysee!

As the holiday season unfolds, all of us at Easysee want to take a moment to extend our warmest wishes to everyone. May

Celebrating 9 Cozy Years: Easysee's Onesie Birthday Bash!

On December 19th, Easysee marked a significant milestone – our 9th birthday! In true Easysee fashion, we upheld our fu

The Rise of Metaverse 🌌🕶️

The Next Big Thing in VR/AR: The Rise of Metaverse Platforms 🌌🕶️ Hey tech enthusiasts

Welcoming Ezra and Oeds to Easysee! 👩‍💻👨‍💻

Welcoming Ezra and Oeds! 👩‍💻👨‍💻 Hey everyone! Exciting news from

Oculus Quest 3 at Easysee! 🕶️

Exploring New Realities with Oculus Quest 3 at Easysee! 🕶️ Hello VR enthusiasts! We're thril

The Hunt for a New Developer! 💻 🌍

We're On the Hunt for a New Developer! 💻 🌍 Hey there! Are you passionate about programming

Website Refresh

Website Refresh: Welcome to the New and Improved Easysee! 💼 🌐 Hey everyone! We've been bus

Our Newest Team Member: Kamila! 🌟

Meet Our Newest Team Member: Kamila! 🌟 Hello everyone! Exciting news on the Easysee front: We have

Easysee Game Jam: 🎮 🍕

Easysee Game Jam: 🎮 🍕 Hello there, gaming enthusiasts! Last Saturday, the Easysee team swi

Apple Jumps into the VR Arena 🍏 🕶

Apple Jumps into the VR Arena: What Does It Mean for the Industry? 🍏 🕶 Hey there! Big news

Easysee Team Goes Paintballing! 🎨 🔫

Easysee Team Goes Paintballing! 🎨 🔫 Hello there! How was your Monday? Ours was a tad differ

Introducing Easysee's Fresh Showreels

Introducing Easysee's Fresh Showreels: A Glimpse into Our Digital Artistry! Hello everyone! 🌟 We have

Varjo VR Headset

Easysee Explores New Horizons with the Varjo VR Headset! Hey there! We've got some cool news to share. ㇴ

38 degrees? We keep our cool!

Hey! With temperatures soaring to 38 degrees, our team was on the lookout for the best cool-down strategy. So, why no

A new step with the Kat Walk Mini

Easysee is a step closer to the future, we have a Kat Walk Mini. With the Kat Walk Mini we are going to create infinite

Easysee VR, AR trailer. Lets build more!

Our new promotional video. Its about what we already have made.

VR Workshop - Aventus Zutphen

Aventus teacher training went well!

ROC de Gieterij : Presentation

Last Tuesday we gave a presentation to a new audience. The IT of the ROC de Gieterij got the time to try out all our edu

Lab32 : Update

We have upgraded an architectural design a few years ago in VR and it looks fresh. There is a new VR player, the night m

Domotics care house: CVI update

March 27th and 28th was the Consortium for innovation. Here Aventus presented our video of the domotics care house. C

Guest lecture ROC van Twente

Our developers be deployed for the guest lectures for the ROC van Twente in the upcoming 2 weeks. Here we give lessons a

Jan des Bouvrie : Exams

Last friday we were present. At the Jan des Bouvrie the final exams took place and we supported one of the candidates wi

Jan des Bouvrie : Presentation

We have given a presentation in Deventer yesterday for teachers and the board of the Jan des Bouvrie academie. This is f

Open day ROC the Gieterij

This year we were at the open day of ROC the Gieterij for support of the curriculum that was developed by us this school

Domotics care house update

After just 2 months we are continuing the second phase of the domotics care house. With feedback from the students and t

Training day for IT professionals

Our developers have shared their knowledge with the technicians at Aventus Apeldoorn. The school has quite a few Virtual

Meta 2 Review

The Meta 2 is a Mixed reality headset where the display is put on top of the real world with 2 displays that fills up 90

Corporate social responsibility

We value corporate social responsibility. We currently support EEGA’s clients who are distant from the job market. The

Healthcare & Technology: Presentation

Last wednesday Easysee gave a presentation about technological innovations for healthcare. For the healthcare sector we

VR setup: healthcare update

Last monday we provided an update for Aventus Zutphen. This update has been done for the healthcare study. In addition t

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