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Claw Your Way to Fun: AR Crane Prototype

Claw Your Way to Fun: AR Crane Prototype

Easysee undertook a fascinating project to create a prototype of an AR Claw Crane Machine. This compact yet impactful project showcases the potential of Augmented Reality in creating engaging, interactive experiences. The use case for this project is particularly interesting: when a player wins a plushy out of this digital machine, they can get a real-life plushy delivered to their house. This removes the costs of making physical grabbing machines and makes it possible to start playing anywhere with an internet connection.

Project Features:

- Floor Recognition: Utilizing AR Foundation, the app adeptly recognizes the floor in a real-world environment, setting the stage for the AR experience.
- Virtual Claw Crane Placement: Users can place a virtual claw crane machine in their surroundings, adding a playful element to their space.
- Interactive Gameplay: Onscreen controls enable players to maneuver the crane, adding a layer of interactivity and fun to the experience.
- Rewarding Visuals: Successfully grabbing a plushie triggers an animation where the prize joyfully flies out of the machine, enhancing the sense of achievement.

With AR, it is possible to create intriguing prototypes for innovative and delightful AR experiences. This app demonstrates the versatility of AR Foundation in bringing virtual elements into the physical world in an intuitive and seamless manner.

You can check out the app in action here:

Here you can see the original (physical) clawmachine:

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