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Cube2048: A New Twist on a Classic Puzzle Game

Cube2048: A New Twist on a Classic Puzzle Game

Easysee is proud to introduce Cube2048, a 3D mobile mini-game developed for a client who envisioned incorporating various mini-games into one comprehensive app. Drawing inspiration from the classic 2D game 2048, Cube2048 offers players a unique blend of strategy and luck. Our team enjoyed complete creative freedom in developing the visuals and game mechanics from scratch, resulting in a truly unique gaming experience.

Game Features:

- Fun Gameplay: Players shoot numbered blocks into the game field. When two blocks with the same number collide, they merge into a block with a higher number.
- Exciting Powerups: The game features a range of powerups, including rockets and bombs, to add an extra layer of fun and strategy.
- High Score Challenge: The primary goal is to achieve the highest score possible, challenging players to constantly improve their strategy.

Cube2048 stands as a testament to Easysee's ability to innovate, creatively adapting popular concepts into new, exciting formats. Contact us to see how we can create unique games together!

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