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VR Safety Masterclass - First Aid Training (2/3)

VR Safety Masterclass - First Aid Training

Easysee's VR application for MSHEQ introduces a comprehensive first-aid training scenario. This module is a part of their VR safety training series, focusing on health and safety in the workplace:

- Emergency Response: Players face a scenario where a coworker has sustained severe injuries. The simulation guides them through the proper first aid protocol, emphasizing care and efficiency while awaiting emergency services.
- Time Management: This scenario adds urgency and realism through time limits, encouraging quick and precise action to handle the emergency effectively.

This VR first-aid training equips employees with the necessary skills to respond promptly and effectively to workplace injuries, enhancing traditional training methods with realistic simulations.

Make sure to stick around to read our final post in this little mini-series about safety simulations in VR!

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