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Bringing an NES game to VR (Duck Hunt)

Bringing an NES game to VR (Duck Hunt)

Easysee is excited to introduce another VR application, an innovative 3D rendition of the classic Duck Hunt game. The original game came out in 1984 on the Nintendo Entertainment System(NES). High time for an upgrade, then! This virtual reality experience elevates the traditional game to a new dimension of interactive play and visual appeal.

Key Features:

- Immersive 3D Environment: Set in a low poly nature scene, the game offers a clean and visually appealing backdrop for the action.
- VR Interaction Framework by BNG: Utilizing BNG's framework, we've seamlessly integrated weapon interactions, making the shooting mechanics feel natural and intuitive.
- Realistic Weapon Handling: Players need to manually reload their weapons with shells, adding an authentic touch to the gameplay.
- Intuitive Controls: The VR controller buttons are thoughtfully mapped to correspond with each action, enhancing the overall user experience.
- Dual Game Modes: Choose between shooting flying disks or engaging in a Duck Hunt-style game, where shooting ducks is the aim, and avoiding the occasional dog is key.

This VR application is not only a nod to a beloved classic but also a testament to Easysee's expertise in creating VR experiences that are both technically sound and highly engaging.

You can see what the game looks like here!

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