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Ancient Meets Modern: AR Project for Ancient Architecture

Ancient Meets Modern: AR Project for Ancient Architecture

Easysee recently took on an interesting AR project. Our client, a master's student in ancient architecture from Jordan, needed an AR app developed quickly for a presentation to their supervisor professor.

Project Overview:

- AR Experience: The app allows users to walk around a village, and AR elements allow the user to see what certain areas looked like in the past.
- Interactive Points of Interest (POIs): Users can interact with POIs to view old photographs of the city, listen to sound fragments, and watch 3D models with animations.
- Guided Exploration: Digital arrows are strategically placed around the city streets, guiding users to the next point of interest.
- Technology Used: We utilized AR Foundation and markers at each POI, maintaining close communication with the client throughout the project.

Despite the challenging timeframe, we successfully delivered an engaging and educational AR app that bridged the gap between ancient history and modern technology. Do you need a project done fast? Feel free to contact us to see what is possible!

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