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Roskilde Festival AR App: Concerts in your Livingroom

Roskilde Festival AR App: Bringing Concerts to your Livingroom

Easysee is proud to introduce an innovative AR experience for music enthusiasts with the Roskilde Festival AR App. Developed for the Roskilde Festival, a pop festival in Denmark, this app brings a unique twist to enjoying live music performances, as you can place the performing artist directly in your own room!

App Highlights:

- Realistic Performance Placement: Utilizing AR technology, users can place and move artists around their environment, effectively bringing performances right into their living rooms.
- Advanced Detection: The app scans the surroundings to accurately detect the floor, ensuring a realistic integration of the artists into the user's space.
- Interactive Experience: Feel the excitement as if the performance is happening in front of you, with the ability to reposition artists for the best viewing angle.
- Capture and Share: Equipped with functionality to take pictures, screenshots, and record videos, users can capture and share their private concert experiences.
- AR Foundation Powered: Built using AR Foundation, the app seamlessly blends digital performances with physical spaces.

This project is a great showcase of Easysee's capability in crafting fun AR applications that not only entertain but also connect users with new dimensions of musical enjoyment.

Check out the what the app looks like: click here!

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