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Enhancing the Aerial Combat: Easysee's Upgrades to a Air Combat Game

Enhancing the Aerial Combat: Easysee's Upgrades to a Air Combat Game

Easysee had the opportunity to work on an existing air combar game, bringing our expertise to expand the game with new features. While we didn't develop the game from scratch, our contributions significantly improved the overall gameplay experience.

About the Game:

- Gameplay Overview: Players control an aircraft in a thrilling air combat game, facing multiple enemies including other airplanes and boats.
- Enemy Radar: A radar located at the bottom right of the screen helps track the location of enemies.
- Combat Arsenal: Equipped with missiles and a gun, players must strategically engage enemies, mindful of the gun's potential to overheat with excessive use.

Easysee's Contributions:

- Bug Fixes: We tackled and resolved multiple bugs, enhancing the game's stability and performance.
- Improved Flying Controls: The aircraft's controls were refined for a smoother and more intuitive flying experience.
- Endless Wave Mode: We added an 'endless wave' mode, offering players a new, endless challenge to test their skills against relentless waves of enemies.

If you're looking for expert assistance in fixing bugs or adding new features to your existing game projects, Easysee is here to help. Let's take your game to new heights!

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