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Space Combat Kit (SCK): A Versatile VR and PC Game

Space Combat Kit (SCK): A Versatile VR and PC Game

Easysee is thrilled to present an adaptation to the Space Combat Kit (SCK). This asset did not support VR, so Easysee implemented support for this. Now you can experience an exhilarating space adventure in VR, where you can navigate and engage in space combat with a choice of different spaceships.

Game Features:

- Multiple Spaceships: Choose from a variety of ships, each with distinct characteristics in speed, agility, armor, and shield capacities.
- Engaging Combat Mechanics: Encounter enemies in space, equipped with features like enemy lock-on visuals and a radar system for a strategic combat experience.
- Diverse Attack Options: The player's spaceship is armed with various attack methods, allowing for a flexible combat approach.
- Immersive Experience: Whether playing in VR or on PC, SCK provides an immersive space combat experience, thanks to its detailed visuals and responsive controls.

Do you want a certain game, simulation, or project to be accessible in VR? We have the knowledge to port your ideas to VR!

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