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NRG VR radiation simulation

Easysee and Emagine B.V were commissioned by NRG to develop a simulation training to train students in Virtual Reality to secure radioactive waste using VR.

The gate detector has gone off. With the help of a measurement report, a plan must be made to secure the radiation source. The aim is to keep the dose of radiation for you as low as possible.

The player starts at the van which is about 30 meters away from the truck. The player will now decide for himself which PPE and devices he wants to use. The moment the waste has been removed from the truck, the player can check where the radiation is located. The moment the person has found the ionizing objects, they can clean it up at their own discretion. This can be 1 or more and is in a different place each time.

During the training one can see on the persondosimeter how much radiation he has received. The automess meter is constantly on, but makes a sound when it comes close to a radiant object. The moment the player thinks he is ready, the scoreboard can show what the results have been.

Thanks to Michel Koster and Thijs Moret. We thought it was great to work with you.

Watch the video on youtube

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