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Haunting Adventures Await: A Thrilling Co-op Horror Game

Haunting Adventures Await: A Thrilling Co-op Horror Game

Easysee is thrilled to have contributed to a cool PC multiplayer survival co-op horror game that will send shivers down your spine, inspired by Phasmophobia. Developed with Photon and featuring good sound design, this game offers a scary experience for groups who dare to explore its eerie setting.

Game Highlights:

- Multiplayer Survival Horror: Band together with friends and brave the haunted house in this cooperative survival game.
- Mystery and Puzzle Solving: Progress through the game by uncovering mysteries and solving puzzles hidden within the house's ominous walls.
- Stealth and Caution: A creepy lady roams the halls, and any sound you make could attract her unwanted attention. Stealth is key to survival.
- Immersive Sound Design: The game's sound design heightens the horror, with every creak and whisper adding to the terrifying atmosphere.
- Early Access Excitement: Currently in Early Access, the game continually evolves, adding more scares and challenges for players to conquer.

If you're looking to create a horror experience with immersive gameplay, contact Easysee to bring your vision to life!

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